New York Living: Classic Cars, Concerts, and Clouds

Hey there, Happy October 1st!

Pumpkin pancakes!!!

October is my favorite month so I am really excited about a new month. And a new week!

All good things. :)

The last two weeks have been a blur… I just started walking normally a little better today since Philly-so the last few weeks I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of money on cab rides since I couldn’t walk ANYWHERE. Not so great in NYC (BTW-my foot seems to be Extensor Tendonitis).

In the last two weeks, I also moved rooms since my roommate Josh moved back West. Also challenging with one foot, haha.

I also had a huge work event that I planned for the owners of my company and some of our “big fish” customers.


The Classic Car Club of Manhattan does events called Autogasms and you get to drive ridiculous cars along the Hudson River all day then have drinks at the Club at the end of the day to discuss your experiences.

Sometimes I think I’m secretly a boy (er, a 300 pound man, more likely) because I can eat and drink like a boy, love to work out HARD, genuinely enjoying watching sports whilst eating (lots of) wings and drinking (lots of) beer, and love all things fast and loud.

For example, I had to be at the Club early to greet people, make sure everything was running smoothly, introduce everyone, etc. so I got to be there when they were driving all the cars out of the Club to line them up on the street (we had 9 for the day).

The sound of multiple cars (some of them V12) made me think I was going to DIE. Gahhh, it was glorious. SO loud with the multiple engines running in an enclosed space.

Unsurprisingly, the event was a huge success. :)

Just look at those rims! Gah.

There they go!

I honestly have some much better pictures (closer, etc.) but didn’t want to get faces soooooo… hope you get an idea of how sick these cars are. :)

I also had a full day out in Brooklyn and Jersey with Justine shopping for our “new” (read: girl’s) apartment-and for my new room!! Again-pretty rough on my stupid foot (I really was incredibly gimpy), but SUCH a fun day out.

We made a Dunkin’ stop on our way out of the city… with almond/coconut milk brought from home


The West Side Highway gives an awesome view of the Freedom Tower


Hey, Justine!



Driving across the Staten Island Bridge


Then there was… GLOBAL FEST!!!!

Which was absolutely phenomenal.

Not many pictures because I was between the bands, the acoustics in the park (a REALLY good sound system- I was pleased :) ), the setting of Central Park’s Great Lawn, the city scape behind us… THE BLACK KEYS.

Foo Fighters were also just phenomenal. I’d seen them before, way back in 2000 with the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the RHCP’s Californication tour. At the wee age of 12. :)

They put on SUCH a good live show. Their last song was Everlong which has been one of my favorite songs for… well a long time. I’ve been wanting to play it at my wedding (haha, I know, not exactly a *typical* wedding song) since…probably about 12.

Plus, K’Naan was adorable and so likeable and when he sang Waving Flag which, thanks again to my sisters (I’ve mentioned before how much hipper they are than me haha), introduced me to before it was the “song” of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Band of Horses? I mean-I freakin’ love Band of Horses-and again, have for a while, so seeing them with these other bands was… well, kind of mind blowing.

Then there’s the legend, Neil Young. Need I say more?

The last song of the concert was unsurprisingly, Rockin’ In The Free World and after Neil Young and Crazy Horse wiled out for a while, all the other musicians came back out and played with them.

Dan Auerbach, Dave Grohl, and Neil Young all standing together playing? I was in HEAVEN.

Heading out to Global Fest

We also happened to be at the front of our section, right against the railing, so I got to be *that* girl that was leaning over the railing, dancing, screaming, flailing my hair like mad, and screaming and making a scene whenever a video camera went by.

It was AMAZING. One of the coolest experiences of my life. I was with some of my favorite people and we all had such an amazing time.

I am pretty sure I looked (and acted, because I was LOSING MY MIND) like I was supah drugged out because for 50% of the concert I had my eyes closed and head back just soaking it all in and the other 50% of the concert I was dancing like crazy.

No drugs necessary for this girl. Music is enough. :)

It was soooo amazing.

Now today starts a major health focus.

I mentioned how the Philly Half-Marathon completely motivated me to really work on myself and on feeling whole again, but the last few weeks have honestly been rough not being able to walk. I told my close friend, Lauren, it’s like I said to myself: “Hmmmm, I have about a shred of self-esteem left after a summer of gaining weight and feeling 100% broken, how can I rip that last shred of self-esteem away? Oh! I know, I’ll add a horrid gimp and be forced to wear my ratty, old running shoes with my work clothes.”

Here’s an important life lesson though: If you can laugh at yourself, and find humor in any situation, any situation seems doable. :)

More on my (much needed) health focus tomorrow. :)

Have a great night!



3 thoughts on “New York Living: Classic Cars, Concerts, and Clouds

  1. “If you can laugh at yourself, and find humor in any situation, any situation seems doable”

    I totally agree with this! I think that being able to laugh at yourself (and not taking yourself too seriously) is a really great virtue.

    • Laura says:

      Aww thanks, Alex! I obviously completely agree…not only does it give a positive spin to any situation, but it just makes like more fun. Luckily, my coworkers are awesome, so at lunch one day we watched Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” “in honor of Laura”…and whenever people ask how I’m doing I start singing “gimp city gimp gimp city…” to the tune of “Rack City”…makes the whole dragging my foot like a peg leg much more tolerable. :)

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