Gearing Up: Global Festival 2012 NYC

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start.

The weather was so nice in the city today :)

My day at work was actually really good, got a lot done with minimal stress.

My morning started off on the right foot, bright and early with a 45 minute interval workout on the elliptical.

It was brutal waking up this morning-I could not fall asleep until almost 2:00 AM. Double u tee eff? The good thing is that instead of not sleeping because I was thinking about things that stress me out, or going over my To-Do list over and over and over (like that’s somehow going to make it get done faster? Come on, Laura), I think the reason I was not sleeping was actually because I am so excited about my Fall.

As I’ve already gushed about-I LOVE Fall. Love it. That alone is enough.

Love this bus :)

Buuuuut, to make it even better, I have so many fun events coming up, including a trip to Philly this weekend to crawl my way through the Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

Fun weekends from here on out! :)

Backing up to this past weekend, on Friday I had some friends over for a chill night on the rooftop.

Thursday night I stopped at the store on my way home from work to get some guac fixins.

There are actually avocados in there, haha. 8 of them, in fact. The 5 of us still cashed it in about 14 seconds.

Anddddd at the store I saw these and had to get them to throw in the Rice Krispie Treats I had planned on making.

I mean, I *need* chocolate in my dessert.

Plus they’re Fall inspired. No brainer.

When I make Rice Krispie Treats I am all about using real buttah. They taste so much better! And food created in a chemistry lab freaks me out (lookin’ at you, margarine).

The best of the butters.

We all had a great time hanging out on the roof-as usual everyone was blown away by the view. It really is unbelievable. Some day I’ll get a real camera and capture the rooftop view. :)

And to make the night even better there was a fireworks show on the Hudson. It was long and really good too. At first we thought it was just going to be *a* firework, but then it kept going and going and there were so many fireworks!

Firework shows here are SO cool because the fireworks reflect off the buildings, which is visually really cool, AND the sound reverberates off the skyscrapers which makes for some really amazing acoustics. I love fireworks to begin with so I totally geeked out.

The rest of the weekend was super chill.

It looked like this:

Candles, coffee, and journaling.

I finally cracked open the beautiful journal I bought weeks ago!

Something else I CANNOT wait for? This!!!!

Global Festival 2012 came to my attention from my sister Maria, who notified me of it as soon as it was announced (why are my sisters so much cooler than me? haha they always know everything wayyyy before me!).

From the website:

This September, as the world’s leaders gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, the Global Festival will bring top artists and 60,000 change makers together on the Great Lawn of Central Park on September 29 to urge our leaders and fellow citizens to do more to help end extreme poverty.
This advocacy concert will celebrate the progress already made in fighting extreme poverty, secure financial commitments for tackling extreme poverty and disease, and mobilise thousands of ambassadors for change. We’ll unite around a simple yet powerful idea: that by giving every child a chance to thrive, our generation can end extreme poverty.

Some of the organizations supported by Global Citizen include: Rotary International, Earth Institute, US Fund For UNICEF, Pencils of Promise, Malaria No More, Half the Sky, World Vision, Global Partnership for Education, World Food Program USA, and Rainforest Foundation.

Considering the reason that I came out here to NYC from the West coast was to start a PhDizzle in Global Affairs, this alone is enough to make me freakishly excited.

But, oh, it gets even better.

Need another? Me too.

Anyone that is around me for longer than 2 seconds, knows that music is my favorite thing, well, possibly ever. I am obsessed. I spend hours every night that I’m home looking up music and watching concert footage.

Well, the line up also happens to be SO good: Neil Young (with Crazy Horse!), Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, and K’Naan.

WHAT?!?! I can’t even take it. I know and like every single one of those bands.

I am SO crazy about The Black Keys-I just don’t seem to be able to get sick of them. Ever. Same with Band of Horses. Those two bands alone being in the same place at the same time!!?? Gahh, it’s too good! Plus, I mean, Neil Young? I never thought I’d get to see him play live. Goes without saying, but I also like Foo and K’Naan, so it’s just all around excellent.

And on the Great Lawn at Central Park? I think I need a sedative right now just thinking about it.

Soooo, anyway, back when Maria first discovered this, we immediately signed up to start promoting for the chance to win free tickets.

But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I HAD to go.

So, I spent the money to get VIP tickets. I didn’t even care if I went by myself, I knew I would still have a fantastic time.

But my good friend George (who I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers with wayyy back on Cinco de Mayo) also bought a VIP ticket so we knew we would be guaranteed in.

With George at Prudential Center to see the RHCP

Seen the RHCP 3 times and they put on SUCH a good show. Still.

But Maria won two tickets! Since she is in California, she generously donated them to two of my friends so now it’s going to be even better since more people are going!


Questions of the Day: What’s your favorite season? Any other New Yorkers going to Global Festival? If so-I will be the girl they are slipping sedatives because she just can’t take it.

Something to Think:

Always remember you are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.

~Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

Have a great evening, everyone. :)

Here’s a little music glory to get you ready for your Tuesday. Eeeee! Enjoy. :)

Okay, one more. Somebody help me.



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4 thoughts on “Gearing Up: Global Festival 2012 NYC

  1. Love Band of Horses! You may also enjoy Lucero – similar sound.

    Excited for your recap post about the festival :)

  2. The Yellow Bucket says:

    Ahhh I love that quote! I shared it on my quotes.thoughts.ideas page!! It’s a really good one. And Fall is the BEST season …all the way :)

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Chrissy! I am SO thrilled to have you here. :) Yes! Such a good quote-and so true. Have a great weekend! Hope you can enjoy some great Fall weather. And Fall foods! Duhhh. :) I’m off to Philly straight from work so hope it feels Fall-ish there. I’m so excited you found my blog so that I found yours. Happy Thursday!

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