Once in a Blue Moon

Happy Friday!

Guess where I am right now?

Yep. It’s 1:30 PM on a Friday and I’m getting my blog on at Bucks. Glory be.

Yesterday when I got to work, I was incredibly tired. Sick tired. You know the feeling? Where you’re so tired you feel physically sick?

Yeahhh, 3 day headache, 2 day stomach-ache and just generally feeling like I desperately needed some time to myself meant I finally did something I do once in a blue moon: requested today off simply because. For a mental health day.

Taking time off work is one of those things that I am NOT good at practicing what I preach. I constantly tout the value of mental health days, encourage other people to take time of work to just be.

And yet… since starting this job February 1, I have not taken a single day off just because.

I took vacation off when I was in the Pacific Northwest, and when I had food poisoning that had me literally sleeping on the bathroom floor… but a lot of shit has happened since I started this job, and even though I wanted an escape more than anything 23 million times the last 7 months, I wouldn’t let myself take time off work.

Well, I finally did. On top of personally feeling beaten down lately, I’ve been working at least 9 hour days, often more like 10, and not coming up for air the entire day (example: lunch at 4:00 PM-not ideal).

And guess what? I fell asleep at 7:30 PM last night! Who does that? I missed a ton of texts-which I NEVER do, I always wake up when I hear my phone (and my phone is loud) and just passed out.

I woke up briefly at 9:30 PM when the front door closed and was rolling over to go back to sleep when I realized that I had planned on talking to my parents (the best medicine :) ). Plus I was thirsty as hell.

I talked to my parents for a long time (almost 2 hours?!) and then passed out again-for another 12 hours.

Clearly I was just exhausted.

I woke up SO elated and hopeful, though, simply because I knew I had the entire day to myself.

My day started with French press coffee (yes, I drink the entire thing-I’m a badass) and catching up on the latest mags I get.

Then I decided to one of my favorite things EVER. Go to Bucks (as in Star) to get some blogging done.

Lookin’ a little (a lot?) greasy but happy to go to Bucks!

One of the things I miss most about school is going to coffee shops to do work. Is it weird that’s one of the things I miss most? I mean-it involves studying… Which I also always kinda loved. What a freak.

Anyway, when I was talking to my parents last night, they were both telling me how proud they were of me for deciding to take a mental health day because they had wanted to tell me they thought I should, but I am the most stubborn, prideful, person…ohhhh EVER. Seriously, I can be the most difficult person ever when it comes to “taking a break”.

Almost a year ago, I talked about the importance of mental health days and how every fall my parents would take off of work, pull my sisters and I out of school for the day, and we would drive to the Santa Fe Ski Basin for a picnic lunch and a hike among the golden Aspens that cover the mountains of Northern New Mexico every fall.

We all 5 treasured these days and it is definitely one of the many, MANY (good Lord, with each passing day I realize how INCREDIBLE my parents are with everything they instilled in my sisters and me) things my parents did with us that taught us the value of family, mental health, and appreciating the beauty of nature, and… life.

As soon as I knew I was going to take a day off yesterday morning (it was pretty obvious as soon as I woke up that I had to do it), I immediately had a post idea in mind.

Then when I told my parents I took the day off they immediately were like “ohhhh, like we used to with our autumn ski area hikes!” and I was like “yeah-exactly! Which I blogged about…jeez almost exactly a year ago?!…and was gonna blog about again tomorrow”.

When I was completely falling apart on Wednesday in front of one of my close work friend he was like: “LJ, look at me… will you look at me? (the whole stubborn thing haha)… will you do me a favor?” Since my sassy pants were on I was like: “probably not” (Ha! What a treat I am, right?). Luckily, since he’s used to my ‘tude he was like: “Take a day off. Please. Will you do that for me? And list the things that are going well in your life”. Jesus. Has he been talking to my mom?! Can you guess my response? “No.” Haha. I really did have zero intention, even on Wednesday, of taking the day off, but as soon as I woke up yesterday I knew it wasn’t a sign of weakness to take today off, it was a sign of intelligence. Sleeping for 14 hours verified that.

Question of the Day: Do you take mental health days? What kinds of things do you like to do on your days you take off just to have completely to yourself?

I hope you all have a great, safe start to the holiday weekend!

I’m not sure what the rest of the day entails for me, other than a workout (made Monday to Friday! Hellll yeahhhh!). But the beautiful thing is, whatever is involved is whatever I want to do. :)

Something to Note: Today is a Blue Moon! Which means it’s the second full moon in a single month. Next one isn’t until July 2015. So go check her out tonight! :)



2 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon

  1. I think mental health days are so important. Unfortunately, I’m a lot like you and often get too “busy” for mental health days…and therefore completely miss the point. I’m proud of you for taking it though! It’s not always easy to put everything on pause and put yourself first.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks, Alex! It’s funny how easy it can be to be “too busy” to stop and take time for yourself-which, when you think about it, is so backwards. We should always being putting our health and happiness first, right? Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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