Besties, Brunch, Booze, and Bewilderment

The bottle that started it all...the weekend, that is ;)

It’s time for a recap of last weekend.

It was so much fun, so crazy, and pretty much felt like Senior week of college. ;) The pictures are a compilation of my own, Stephannie’s, and Erica’s and are, well… you’ll see.

Thursday, September 15, Stephannie flew in in the evening. My work schedule worked out perfectly because the family was off to Florida for a Bar Mitzvah, so I didn’t have to take off Thursday evening or Friday.

I left work Thursday afternoon and got this baby chillin’ for Steph’s arrival.

We hadn’t seen each other since May 2010 on graduation day!

Steph's here!

We drank champagne and chatted with Justine, then after a while Steph and I headed out to Mercury Bar.

Oktoberfest us!

When Jamie got out of class he met up with us.

Why so serious?

Much better :)

Reunited at last


We stayed at the bar for a while, and at 10:30 Steph and I realized that in our excitement we had not eaten dinner.  I ordered a very delicious grilled barbeque chicken sandwich and Steph got Thai chicken lettuce wraps.

After we left the bar we swung by our apartment before heading to the family’s for the night. They were so generous to let us stay there since we didn’t have room for Steph at our place. And they have air conditioning and TV’s. So luxurious. :)

Steph and Jamie made fun of me because I said “Okay, let’s make this fast. I only need 3 things: the wine, boxers, and a toothbrush.” That became our motto the rest of the weekend for the only things you need in life. :)

I stuffed the "necessities" in my purse for the night

When we got to the family’s we had wine and discovered that Friends is on at 2:00 AM in NYC! So, we watched that while drinking wine and eating tortilla chips.

At one point Steph said ” these would be so good with salsa” at which point Jamie promptly jumped up and said “I’ll go get it!”. So he left and was gone for quite a while. Eventually he came back with a Big Mac for himself and a 6 piece chicken McNugget for Steph and I to share. It was too funny! He was so excited about it, too. :)

After we finished our little treat (first time I’ve had Mickey D’s since 8th grade!), we fell asleep sitting in our chairs in front of the TV, like octogenarians.

In the morning we headed to Alice’s Tea Cup for breakfast. So cute! I definitely want to go back there.

Loved the place settings! And the tea menu is out of this world.

While the scones and pumpkin pancakes would normally be go to, I wanted savory all the way. And Alice’s has eggs bene on rosemary buttermilk scones. Ummm, yes please.

The first eggs bene of the weekend

Not only was this a cool idea for eggs bene, I think it was the best I’ve ever had. So, so good.

After that we took a cab back to our place. Second cab ride since Steph got here, which is really abnormal for us. We felt so rich. :)

Jamie headed to work and Steph and I headed out to see the sights.

First stop was Times Square, since it’s just 10 minutes from us.

We then headed East toward 5th Avenue.

Walking along 5th Ave

The public library never ceases to impress.

See? I’m still impressed. And I walk by it all the time. :)

We walked by radio city.

And Rockefeller Center.

St. Patrick’s cathedral always looks so weird tucked in amongst the skyscrapers.

It’s a gorgeous cathedral.

Stephannie was impressed by the steam vents everywhere. They are pretty crazy. Especially in the winter.

After some exploring we came back to our apartment to meet Mike and Erica (!). They dropped their stuff off at our apartment and headed out to do some exploring of their own.

Steph and I went to Bryant Park to sit and relax and share our Crumbs cupcakes. :) Grasshopper and Red Velvet. So decadent and delish.

Bryant Park-Empire State building in background

On our walk back, we saw a huge protest (which the picture doesn’t really portray) for the execution of Troy Davis. Which, now, is really sad. :(

We then came back and started getting ready. Soon it was the 6 of us, poppin’ bottles as we got dressed to head to dinner.

The girls clean up nicely :)

Down in the subway heading to dinner.

We headed over to the East side to A+ Thai. Our fave. :) Not only is it some of the best, spiciest, cheapest Thai food, but it’s BYOB with no corkage. Perfect place for a group.

Stephanie, Justine, and Jamie

Me, Erica, and Mike

Oh how the wine talks.

Other than cab rides and champagne, another trend of the weekend seemed to be attracting friends. We made lots of friends everywhere we went. A group of hair stylists we sat next to got such a kick out of us they gave us 4 girls coupons for free blow outs for Saturday (which we didn’t use :/ ).

Here’s Erica with one of them. Rich.

Stephannie and I had a photo shoot.

Went downhill fast, eh? :)

Mike and Erica sang a duet. Actually they didn’t, I have no idea what they’re doing here?

A real picture! :)

Another real picture! Haha.

And we’re back.

After dinner we went down to a bar by Union Square before calling it a night.

Saturday morning afternoon we headed down to the Lower East Side for brunch at Essex.


Essex's decor=balls to the wall?

Steph, Me, and Erica ready to get our brunch on

Like A+, Essex is the place to go with a group of young friends because the menu is $22.95 and you get unlimited mimosas, screwdrivers, or bloody mary’s. Normally brunch here is at least that just for the entree, and another $12 per drink.

I stuck with the theme and got the eggs bene. Only this time it was crab cake bene. Two of my favorite things in one. :)

Crab cake bene at Essex

Naturally us girls tried to do the wedding toast, but it was way too hard with 3 people.

Group shot at Essex-not sure why most of us look so confused

After our 2.5 hour brunch (love it!) we walked through China Town and some of the Financial District on our way to South Street Seaport.

On the way we saw a group of people singing and dancing in the street. We stopped and got right in on the action, clapping and dancing away, and they were all super welcoming and seemingly happy to have us join in their fun.

There were actually a lot of people there, it’s hard to tell from the pictures.

Made it to the Seaport!

Women’s Health magazine was having a workout going on. :) Le sigh. This city’s so awesome.


Steph, Erica and I then headed to find a bathroom and when we came out found the boys parked at an Irish bar.

We made great friends with the bartenders and got free t-shirt as a result. :)

More ridiculous picture taking ensued.

I love Erica’s sassy ‘tude in this one.

Sassafrass Erica


Naturally, we found the Irish bar ;)

I tried to make Jamie take a picture with me to which he replied “No! We have enough pictures of us!” Naturally, I proceeded with my plan anyway, and he kept protesting and foiling my attempts.

More protests… I think he’s even falling asleep?! Hahah.

Tossed in the towel. Or fell asleep?

I win. :)

Mike and Erica looked cute right from the get-go. :)

But then Erica’s ‘tude showed up again.

Our shirts!

Then our friend Gabe from NM came to join us!

We eventually left the bar, all wearing our matching shirts, and headed back uptown near our apartment. At this point it was 9:00 PM.

We went to Don Giovanni for dinner. Such good pizza.


Really dark group shot.


We made best friends with the waiter (haha!) and he brought us free tiramisu which was perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Or maybe it was all the booze. Who knows? It was really good either way. :)

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for our big race. Last year the NYC Race for the Cure raised 5.2 million dollars! And $4.8 million went directly to research. So cool.

Here we go, off for the big race

Erica is pumped!

Walking through the park

The race crowd

The race was a lot of fun, and is always really heart warming. We then headed to brunch at Eatery. I almost got more eggs bene but instead went with scrambled eggs with pesto on a croissant and sweet potato hash browns. At that point no one had it in them to take pictures. Or try the delicious sounding cocktails. But it was a really fun brunch. Very good food too.

We then headed back to the hotel we had stayed in Friday and Saturday night, to pick up our belongings. We made a quick stop by our place before Mike and Erica had to catch the bus back to D.C. I was super sad to see them leave. :(

Steph and I lounged around, went to see One Day (really depressing, but good) and relaxed. I was incredibly sad to see her leave Monday morning, but the weekend could not have been better.

I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Happy weekend, everyone!



4 thoughts on “Besties, Brunch, Booze, and Bewilderment

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post. And it was worth the wait. LOVE all the pictures. Glad you all had such a fun weekend, but now I miss everyone even more.

  2. Just re-read this, even more jealous. I miss you and Franks and cannot wait for a reunion! xo

    • Laura says:

      I miss you toooooo, Britt! I simply cannot wait for an epic reunion. I imagine it to be much like May Term (especially the second to last night before graduation!!! ;) ), only longer and BETTER!

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